VLSI Video Tutorials

Video1: VLSI Physical Design Flow

This video gives basic idea of VLSI Physical Design Flow. Here I explained Design Setup, Floorplanning, Power planning, placement, Clock Tree Synthesis, and Routing . Subscribe to this Channel for upcoming video tutorials.

VIDEO 2: VLSI Floorplanning

In this video, I have discussed about floorplanning. What is floorplanning? What are the steps in Floorplanning? What are the inputs and of floorplanning? How floorplanning place major role in VLSI physical design flow. Subscribe to For watching upcoming video tutorials. 

Video 3: Blockages and Halos

This video discuss about blockages and halos created during PD flow. Here what are the blockages? what are the halos? How they are useful during PD flow? Different types of blockages and how they are useful during design? What are the differences between Blockages and Halos are discussed. For more upcoming videos, Subscribe to our channel.


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