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VLSI Basics and Interview Questions - Contents

  • Physical Design Flow

                     Physical Design Flow - Overview

                     Basic Terminology in Physical Design

  • Floorplanning


               Floorplanning Control Parameters

               Macro placement

               IO Placement

              Blockages and Halos

              Power Planning - Power Network Synthesis

              Floorplanning Interview Questions

  • Power management techniques

              Power Management Techniques - Low Power Design

              Power Management Techniques - Clock gating

              Power Management Techniques - Powergating

              Power Management Techniques - Multi Voltage Design
              Low Power Interview Questions

              Clock Gating Interview Questions
  • Placement

             Placement - Overview
             Placement Interview Questions

  • Clock Tree Synthesis

             Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS) - Overview

              Clock Tree Synthesis - Basics

             Clock Tree Synthesis Interview Questions

  • Routing

               Routing - Overview
               Global Routing
               Track Assignment

               Detail Routing
               Search & Repair

               Routing Interview Questions             
  • RC Extraction
                 Parasitic Extraction
  • Static Timing Analysis

             Static Timing Analysis - Overview

             Understading of Setup and Hold time Violations

             Static Timing Analysis Interview Questions

  • Process Voltage Temparature (PVT) Conditions


  • Power Integrity - IR Drop Analysis

             IR Drop Analysis _ Introduction

             IR Drop Analysis using Redhawk (Apache) - Overview



  1. Not able to find link for routing , RC extraction.

  2. Ok. We will be back with Routing, RC Extraction


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